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The focus of today shall be: the Mouse Tank Petroglyphs of the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA.

Mouse Tank falls within a region which was occupied by Puebloan farmers from about AD 1 to 1200, and contains many Puebloan-style petroglyphs, as attested to by the photographs shown above. At about 1200 Southwestern farming cultures experienced significant drought, which ultimately resulted in the abandonment of the site.

Interpreting Puebloan rock art, to date, remains problematic. However, a few lines of thought can be given to aid us in our understanding. Here I will be summarizing a few key points from the work of Dr. David S. Whitley, who is generally regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on rock art.

Whitley suggests that some aspects of the rock art are likely shamanistic in intend and origin -elements of shamanism have continued through to Puebloan religions today. “Furthermore, we know that one of the characteristics of these archaic shamanistic practices was the making of rock art.” It is also thought that much of the art references the neuropsychological model of motif forms, which derived from altered states of consciousness. Whitley notes that much of the petroglyphs at Mouse Tank display entoptic patterns which are “common percepts in the first stage of a trance.” This includes spirals, parallel lines, zigzags, and other more complicated geometric forms. In essenceWhitley concludes that the Mouse Tank petroglyphs reflect “an expression of what are presumably formal religious cults and rites such as those still practiced by Pueblo groups today.” The figurative images, such as displayed in the 5th photo, likely represent ritual participants, deities, and the like.

Photos taken by & courtesy of George Lamson. Recommended reading: essentially anything from David S. Whitley, in particular: Discovering North American Rock Art (University of Arizona Press 2006) & Introduction to Rock Art Research (Left Coast Press 2011).

I’ll hold on to the world tight some day. I’ve got one finger on it now; that’s a beginning.
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"Sometimes the hardest things in life, are the things most worth doing. It’s because we haven’t figured them out yet, doesn’t mean we won’t."

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Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (by Kritta)

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Naughty Boy ft Bastille ,
Hotel Cabana

Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

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The Civil Wars,
The Civil Wars


I wanna leave you

I wanna lose us

I wanna give up, but I won’t

I wanna miss this

i wanna heartache

I wanna run away, but I won’t - The Civil Wars

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'Look!' said Pippin. 'Strider the Ranger has come back!'
'He has never been away,' said Aragorn. 

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october 16 is world food day. consider that globally it is women who bear the greatest responsibility for food production. women produce more than half of all food worldwide, accounting for 43 percent of the global agricultural labour force.   

yet the united nations estimates that globally women own only 15 percent of the land. in india, for example, where women account for 87 percent of the agricultural producers, they own only 10 percent of the land; while in mali, women comprise about 70 percent of agricultural workers, but own only 3 percent of the land. the same numbers hold true for pakistan as well. 

without land ownership, women are unable to secure loans needed to reinvest back into their land. yet if they were given the same resources as men, these women could increase their productivity by 30 precent, thus feeding an additional 150 million people in need.

photos by (click pic) sanjay kanojia in allahabad, india; niranjan shrestha in katmandu, nepal; prashanth vishwanathanan in panipat, india; hoang dinh nam in vietnam’s mu cang chai district; navesh chitrakar in lalitpur, nepal; joe penny in heremakono, mali; anupam nath in gauhati, india

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The guy in the sleeping bag wiggling around

I’m weeping

The two people in the front wearing one shirt.

Are we really not going to talk about the guy in the back who is attached to another guy’s back while spinning?



no you guys don’t understand, not only is this the first harlem shake out there… these guys aren’t normal military. This is “Telemarkbataljonen”. They’re pretty much the Norwegian equivalent of the fucking black ops. My brother knows a guy in this battalion, and when asked what they do there, he looked my brother dead in the eye and said “That is strictly confidential”. These guys are hard as shit, which makes this even more hilarious

Well now you know some of what they do…

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Chanel Fall/Winter Haute Couture Collection 

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even our dreams

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